We make technology work for us because it benefits you!

At RCF Commercial cleaning, we believe improved communication has a direct impact on a quality of a professional cleaning service. That is why we use simple software that enables us to effectively communicate multilingually with our professional cleaners.


  • Cleaning Consistency: Our cleaners know exactly how you’d like your space cleaned. We provide them with detailed cleaning instructions for each location. With your permission, we’ll take photos of important tasks and add notes to each one. With these detailed, visual instructions our cleaners will know exactly how you would like each room to be cleaned…even if they are new.
  • Proactive Problem Reporting: No cleaning company can claim to be perfect, but we differentiate ourselves by being proactive if something does come up. Our cleaners are trained to report any issue, big or small, at the end of each shift so that their manager is aware and can begin troubleshooting immediately. This also allows us to report back to you any little issues before they annoy you or turn into larger problems.
  • Improved Communication: You will have communication with the RCF team right at your fingertips. No more digging around to find your cleaners contact information. Download our app and you’ll be able to call us right away or submit a message that will be responded to immediately.

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Give Your Carpet A Deep Clean

“When I hired RCF Commercial Cleaning, I had been through several cleaning companies and was at my wits end with what I called my “headache building”.  Since hiring RCF, my headaches are gone and things just get taken care of. Christina’s employee’s are courteous, thorough, most importantly consistent.  Complaints have disappeared and the building has never been cleaner.” Coby B. Oppenheimer Development Corporation.


Coby B. Oppenheimer Development Corporation

“This company is amazing! I have had other cleaning companies and with several request had no luck in obtaining better service. The owners of RCF have always responded very quickly and provided results immediately. They have gone above and beyond providing me with a solution and talking with their team. The team that cleans my office I appreciate so much; I walk into my office after cleaning and feel like I am at home” Mary -Post Insurance


Mary J. Post Insurance

“RCF has been cleaning our office buildings for five years now. I’ve dealt with office cleaners for over 30 years and they’re at the top of the list.” -Mike H Ripley Doorn & Company


Mike H. Ripley Doorn

Customer Satisfaction

Our Quality

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