Professional Office Cleaning Service in ADA & CanYON COUNTY, Idaho

Since 2006 RCF Commercial Cleaning has been providing professional commercial cleaning services with consistent and proven results to the Boise and Treasure Valley area.

Our client base consists of facilities such as banks, office buildings, medical facilities, government, industrial and retail.
Worker cleaning a computer - Office Cleaning in Star, ID
Our cleaning schedule software is a powerful web and android based to do list. We create each customer a folder, input the service schedule based on the area and frequencies of each item as contracted. Employees use this system android based phones on the job and check off tasks as the are completed.

Detailed job schedules and to-do lists ensure all services are completed as promised and on time!

We also utilize Tsheets which is also a web and android “real time” based program we use for tracking employee time at each property. Owners & Managers track the time spent on the job and review on a daily basis. This helps reduce complaints because it gives us the opportunity to manage any problems that would arise from not spending enough time at your facility.
To ensure the safety and security of your building, all of our employees are required to pass criminal background & drug testing prior to employment. They are trained in the class room & on-site according to our quality assurance & safety guidelines and required to wear uniforms.